Self Development

Amity Aims forĀ Self Development of IT professionals

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Amity Renders help to poor and needy people in the society

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Social Harmony

Amity Promotes communal Harmony and peace

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a) Rendering help to poor and needy people in the society

b) Promoting virtue and morality in the society

c) Promoting Universal Brotherhood and striving for creating respect for basic human rights

d) Promoting communal Harmony and peace.

e) Providing assistance for the sick and the suffering.

f) Call people to virtue and eternal prosperity and gentle persuasion of people to shun evil and violence.

g) Striving for imparting useful knowledge and education to all.

h) Creating opportunities for employment and self dependenceĀ to the unemployed and persons or classes of persons belonging to the poor and downtrodden strata of society.

i) Promoting love and allegiance to the motherland.


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